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We react: Plastic surgery by

June 6 – Cosmetic plastic surgery enjoys increasing popularity among younger audiences, including high school teens. This “We React” produced by Soo Min Bae and Nikki Le.

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Coach, teacher famed for notebook inspection, quiz seats, hangs up foghorn after 30 SAS years by

May 28 – Don Adams first arrived at SAS in 1984. What began as just a job, has now become a place where he calls home. Every student who has… Read more

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We React: Elliot Rodger, UCSB killer by

May 30 – On Friday night, a mass killing in Santa Barbara, California, left seven dead and 13 injured. Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old University of California, Santa Barbara student, attributed… Read more

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New course inspired by successful American Studies course by

May 28- A new World Studies class drew 180 students in sign-ups for the 2014-15 school year, enough to create 9 sections. Like the popular American Studies class this one… Read more

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RE-lief on faces of staff with delivery of 2014 Islander by

May 28 – “Re,” the 2014 Islander arrived on campus from the printer in two shipments Tuesday, the last at 7:30. Staff ripped put up tables in the foyer for… Read more

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‘Mother’ Sultan longest serving high school employee by

May 31 – A 22-year-old Azizah Sultan started work in the resource center of the Kings Road campus 43 years ago. She is probably the best-known adult at the high… Read more

Teacher Recs: Are they really that important? by

May 27 – Teacher recommendations are a big part in college applications. But how important are they? Why can’t students see teacher recommendations before sending them off? What are some… Read more

21 century
Op-Ed: The 21st century is NOW at SAS by

May 27 – Eye reporters Michal Tolk and Bram Xu explore technology and its capacity for communication and connection at SAS.

Behind the Scenes: The Fear Concert 2014 by

May 26 – For the first time ever, the three departments of visual performing arts team up to create a concert involving all of those respective areas. The central theme… Read more

Reporter Emma Gammons purchased ethyl chloride from Guardian Pharmacy near the SAS campus.
Ethyl Chloride, or EC, the new off-the-shelf high by

May 23 – Security cameras caught a freshmen male inhaling ethyl chloride (EC) in the school cafeteria last month. EC is intended as a topical, muscle pain reliever, but can… Read more