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Eagles Bring Home Gold and Silver From IASAS by

It certainly is a wonderful day to be an Eagle. Another IASAS weekend has come and gone and, as usual, our Eagles did us proud. With a double gold in… Read more

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Eagles Slam Day 2 at IASAS by

The second day is completed for our first season IASAS athletes. Our eagles continue to make us proud. Soccer girls and boys continue to power ahead winning all their games…. Read more

The Eagle way by

  Oct. 17 — Just a few days ago, professional basketball player LeBron James and his new basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, played against James’ former team, the Miami Heat…. Read more

Art Unplugged by

Oct 14- Everyone that was a student at SAS in 8th grade remembers that year’s CWW. We packed our bags, said our goodbyes, and headed to the notorious island of… Read more

Sensational start for Eagles at IASAS by

The Eagles are coming out strong. With the first day of IASAS over, our eagles soaring over Southeast Asia. Both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams in KL are kicking… Read more

Students reflect on pros and cons of TCK lifestyle by

Oct. 10–From the impoverished city of Manila to the fast-paced utopia of Hong Kong to the clean streets of Singapore, Third Culture Kids [TCK] have seen it all. They pick… Read more

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A wild, savage interim sign-up week (Satire) by

Oct. 10 – SAS’s first-ever real life jungle exhibition was held in H301 throughout this week. A multitude of fruit trees, a dirt floor, and jungle plants had been arranged… Read more

A man in protective gear in west Africa, photo by Jean-Louis Mosser, Creative Commons license.
Interim trips at risk of deadly disease? by

This is the first year seniors have not filled all 20 spots for the interim Africa trips. There are four African trips this year: Kruger National Park South Africa Culture… Read more

Shutdown: Orchard Road by

Oct. 10– Orange and white barriers just a few feet under one of the busiest ERP gantries in the country blocked the Orchard Road stretch from ION to Paragon last Saturday,… Read more

Two and a half hours with Dylan O’Brien by

Oct. 9 – As the great walls slowly close in, every inch of Minho disappears. On the other side of the wall, the community of Gladers just watch with fear… Read more