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Fewest students run for Exec in over 9 years by

April 15 – This year, Executive Council had the fewest number of students running. In 2012, 16 students ran for Exec. In 2013, 18 students ran. This year, there were… Read more

IASAS Day Three gallery by

April 12 – Photos from day three of IASAS softball and badminton.

Day Three
IASAS Softball and Badminton Day Three Recap by

April 12 – The final day of IASAS softball ended with gold for SAS softball girls, silver for girls badminton and boys softball, and boys badminton in sixth place. ISB… Read more

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Students share their ideas of an ideal promposal by

April 8 – Prom season is here, and promposals are happening in the office, cafeteria, classrooms and hallways. Both genders have different standards for the courtship, so Eye reporters Jihan… Read more

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Housing Experiences for IASAS Participants by

  April 12- Eye Reporters Stephannie Yi and Camila Salazar asked IASAS athletes about their experiences with housing during IASAS.

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How Well Do You Know Badminton? by

  April 12- Eye reporters Mariam Nael and Camila Salazar asked spectators as well as players about badminton terms to find out just how much they know about the sport.

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Final Day of Third Season IASAS by

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Softbal exchange IASAS
No softball exchange – affects performance at IASAS? by

April 11th – Eye Reporter Mariam Nael interviews athletes to see whether participating in exchange this season affects their performance at IASAS.

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IASAS Softball and Badminton Day 2 Recap by

April 11 – As the final day of IASAS approaches, teams kick into high gear to win 1st place in softball and badminton. Day 2 Recap by Bram Xu and… Read more

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Day 2 of Third Season IASAS by

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